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300 product launches later, we’ve learned a thing or two

The expertise you need to build and grow your brand, improve your market share—and make money

“Branding is more than a brochure, pen, tradeshow or website.”

In 1995, Wendy Gray took her very first job launching the Houston Hotshots Indoor Soccer Team—and she has spent every year since helping organizations develop a brand identity, share it with the world, and reach profitably faster. 

After spending time in both a corporate and agency setting—and working on a diverse portfolio ranging from bagel restaurants to oil and gas services companies—Wendy discovered a service gap, specifically when it came to startups, small- and mid-sized businesses.

So many agencies were asking these businesses to adapt to a one-size-fits-all or canned approach to branding.

They were pushing tactics, not developing a strategy that resonated with customers.

That’s when she made the decision to launch Gray Matter Marketing, a full-service strategic partner—with marketing, branding, and events capabilities—to help companies develop messaging and strategic marketing plans as unique as they are.


A team handpicked for you

Your business is different from every other business out there. Your needs are different. Your budget is different. Your process is different. That’s why we provide you with a custom-built team that is precisely matched to your unique situation. 

Pulling from a network of vetted, skilled writers, web designers, graphic designers, and branding partners,” we’ll build a team just for you.

With experience in virtually every phase of marketing, Wendy Gray and her network of industry experts have a proven track record of developing memorable brands and creating engaging connections that shape perceptions, drive profitability, and transform businesses.


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